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Guangdong shunde yipai catering equipment co., LTD, mainly produce dining electromagnetic heating equipment and household appliances products, the company owns "yipai" and "yizhipai" of the brand.

My company keen to detect electric heating industry market prospect, we adopt industrial control technology, design a high reliable, long life industrial-grade hot pot induction cooker, developed a small number of hot pot induction cooker, according to different eating habits, in the domestic first to launch health health a person a batch of small power hot pot, and lovers boiler, and many people use high-power type furnace, flexible wire control/remote control/knob operations, desktop/embedded dual purpose, with high temperature resistant, anti-interference, radiation protection and environmental protection function.

Into the customer's convenience, offers a variety of related form a complete set of stainless steel coil, hot pot, induction cooker pot table table, ceramic furnace pot, hot pot table and other auxiliary equipment.

Restaurants and families a variety of purposes.

The products sell well all over the country.

Companies in the process of development, with abundant strength, the technical innovation unceasingly, in full, on the basis of introducing and absorbing foreign advanced technology, our production capacity increase rapidly, scale expands unceasingly;

On product quality, product design, the exquisite technical service, the user's consistent high praise.

Will the company into a commercial induction cooker supplier in the industry.

We take "customer first, quality assurance, service perfect" principle.

Hope with the domestic and foreign customers to establish long-term, friendly relations of cooperation, create a win-win!